Apocalypse now

Like many people at the moment, I watched a few episodes of “The Walking Dead”. It’s a genuinely cheerless, but very gripping, account of an end of days. I had to stop watching it – it was too guttural for me. But it did make me wonder what “apocalypse” might really mean, and this article describes how that relates (in my world) to a daily Yoga practice.

I do Yoga asana (postures) differently now because I know more. But the way I used to do them wasn’t wrong. Doing it that way lead me to my current setup. My current setup isn’t right; as I change inside, my outward expression changes too. Class by class, practice by practice, I incrementally refine what I do. I approach an “ideal” posture.

Likewise success and mistake interweave to make my life whole and – hopefully – constructive. I work towards my ideal lifestyle. In trouble, I look back to happier times. Somehow, one thing led to another to end me up here… Conversely, when all’s good I can look back at less happy days. Some event, some time seems to be the turning point when things started going right.

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Angels are only human, after all

Angels are only human after all

I have a wonderful, loveable and obedient dog, and I often muse that my relationship with her is like my relationship with my angel (if there are angels, and if I have one).

Why? Because I live in a much bigger world – there’s an order of magnitude between how I perceive things and how she does. EG at breakfast; as I take her manufactured (but nutritious) food out of the cupboard I might be thinking of the oil required to make it, the complex fresh water and sewage system that delivers water to her water bowl and how we are going to pay for all this. She has no idea of any of these concepts.

Then I muse that any angel trying to help me might have similar struggles to do so, relevant to an angels’ environment – but I will never understand and I’ll kind of take it for granted, just like my dog does.

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Hot Yoga facts and myths

This article was written for the YogaClassNearYou blog.

Why Hot Yoga?

Ed Wood, owner and lead instructor at Yogafurie Hot Yoga, dispels a few myths about hot yoga in this article.

According to Ed, Hot Yoga is not more powerful than regular Yoga. Hot Yoga is just Yoga – they have the same benefits, which are many! Yoga can change us at the most fundamental level, whether the room is heated or not. An intelligent Yoga practice is a powerful method to develop health and promote all-round wellbeing.

“Don’t buy into the idea that Hot Yoga detoxes your body” says Ed. The human body has no detox mechanism. However, Ed suggests that our bodies do have waste elimination systems. An authentic physical Yoga practice, with all its attendant mindful movement and breathing, greatly promotes the full and correct function of these. A recent article in the Guardian supports this idea. The author Dara Mohammadi says, “There’s no such thing as ‘detoxing’. In medical terms, it’s nonsense. Diet and exercise are the only way to get healthy.”

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Refer a friend and get a half price month

Hello everyone,

Are you a Yogafurie monthly member? You can get a half price month with us by referring a friend.

Your friend can try us out with an intro month for just £29 and if they take out one of our great no contract monthly memberships, then you’ll get your following month’s membership at half price.

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The Prize

Many people describe the wonderful benefits they’ve had through their Yoga practice – weight loss, injury rehab, cutting stress, and many others. It’s great that there’s so much on offer. I feel that there’s even more, if we keep up the practice, although the biggest prize may not be quite what expected.

Yoga books describe the characteristics of good students. Reading these, we might think we have to change or try to be different, like we’re not quite up to the job. I don’t think this is true; I think that we’re at exactly the right point to start, and that the necessary qualities will develop – if we can stick with the practice. What are the qualities?

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To Try is To Achieve

Human bodies change chemically all the time as mood and activity fluctuate. Body structure changes more slowly, partly from behaviour (eg more/less exercise), partly from persistent chemical effects (eg continuous stress depletes immune function). We’re not just what we eat, but what we think, feel and do as well. My body is my history – every previous moment features in the fabric of my being in some way.

Yoga speaks of annamaya kosha (“anna” – food; the “food body”): an adaptable, physical shroud around a core self. The tradition also describes anandamaya kosha (“ananda” – bliss) deep within, paired with an eternal and indestructible, true self. This intrinsic self is not separated from others or the world at large – it’s in constant union with its image in every other living being. It’s life itself, endless celebrating it’s own spontaneity and diversity.

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Yogafurie 2014 Christmas times

Hello everyone!

Below, you will find the schedule for our hot yoga classes for over the Christmas holidays this year. You can book all of the classes below on your online profiles here.

We hope you can continue to come along during the festive season for a bit of Yogafurie Yuletide Yoga!

Class dates Classes
Monday 22nd December  18:30 & 20:00 as normal
Tuesday 23rd December  Closed for Christmas
Wednesday 24th December  Closed for Christmas
Thursday 25th December  Closed for Christmas
Sunday 28th December  18:30 & 20:00 as normal
Monday 29th December  18:30 & 20:00 as normal
Tuesday 30th December  Closed for New Year
Wednesday 31st December  Closed for New Year
Thursday 1st January  Closed for New Year
Sunday 4th January  18:30 & 20:00 as normal

After Sunday 4th January, class times resume as normal.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

That said, all boundaries and time is an artificial construct, so in effect there is no new year. But try explaining that to your auntie who wants a kiss at midnight.

New class times as of 1st December 2014

Hello everyone!

We’d just like to say a massive thanks to everyone who gave feedback via Yogafurie hot yoga feedback survey that appeared on our Facebook page recently.

Following the feedback that we got, The reason for this change to the class times is thanks to the fantastic feedback received from the Yogafurie survey that we had on our Facebook page recently.

One of the big points of feedback is that the 20:15 class was a bit too late for some people. As of 1st December, the class times will be as follows:

Day               Time    Duration
Sunday 18:30 75 Minutes
Sunday 20:00 75 Minutes
Monday 18:30 75 Minutes
Monday 20:00 75 Minutes
Tuesday 18:30 75 Minutes
Tuesday 20:00 75 Minutes
Wednesday 18:30 75 Minutes
Wednesday 20:00 75 Minutes
Thursday 18:30 75 Minutes
Thursday 20:00 75 Minutes

As you can see, our classes still run on the same days and are the same duration. The 18:45 class was the most popular class we ran due to it’s time. The intention behind this class time change is that hopefully you’ll be able to get to both classes!

Until 1st December, the class times will remain as normal. If you do have any questions, please do get in contact on info@yogafurie.com or via our brand new Twitter page @yogafurie.