A course for Yoga and Hot Yoga teachers, and regular practitioners, who want to explore energy and Yoga asana in depth. This course features 300 contact hours with lead instructors and recognised subject-matter experts.

The course analyses the acupuncture meridians of Classical Chinese Medicine, and myofascial structures within the living body. We relate these to each other, and explore both through extensive Yoga asana and breath practice. The asana practice will include both Yin Yoga and strong Vinyasa.

You’ll undertake extensive meditation practice. This aims to improve your concentration and focus, offering you the opportunity to be present to what arises during the various practices.

We look inside ourselves: objectively through study, and subjectively through physical and breath practice. We’ll look outward to what this means in our day-to-day practice, and to the people we work with as teachers.

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You’ll study the acupuncture meridians, their locations and functions, and learn to locate key points. We’ll look at how to apply this knowledge through Yin Yoga, building, practicing and teaching sequences aimed at specific physical and energetic effects.

You’ll study fascia – as a biological structure, and experientially through palpation and movement. What is biotensegrity and how does the web of fascia inside facilitate it? Stronger Vinyasa practice and breathwork give us access to experience our own internal support structures in movement.

The Yogi seeks the One behind the appearance of Two. You’ll bring it all together as you learn to relate acupuncture channels and underlying myofascial structures. Fascia and the flow of human life energy go hand in hand, and we’ll highlight some of the Kriyas of Hatha Yoga that have long worked with this correlation.

Distraction is a big barrier to practice and progress. Being present to experience energy and body sensations takes work. We begin this work through a detailed study of meditation.

Throughout the course, you’ll have opportunities to practice teaching based on the new principles, techniques and learning that you’ve gained. There will be some assignments for you to complete in your own time.

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Our understanding of the human body and the human condition is changing rapidly. We now know that much of our internal support and body function is enabled and mediated by the web of fascia inside. And we’ve learned that our emotions and attitudes are all bound up in the body’s physiology, and that acupuncture resets, rebuilds and restores both energy and health. Today’s Yoga teacher – and any practitioner diving deep into Yoga – needs a platform to learn about and to explore fascia and energy.

This course explores both fascia and energy individually. We believe that both are deeply connected, and explore that connection through breath and meditation. How do they add up in our bodies, to make us more than just the sum of our parts?

If you are a Yoga or Hot Yoga teacher already, or a regular practitioner wanting to look deeper in a very practical way, then get in touch.

This course will include some teaching practice. Learning to communicating the things you’ve learned will mean that you can help people, even if you don’t teach professionally.

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300 contact hours with a senior Yogafurie Academy instructor or recognised subject matter expert.

16 teaching weekends, one per month September 2020 – December 2021 inclusive. A one-week retreat in Dartmoor (May 2021).

26 & 27 Sep 2020

17 & 18 Oct 2020

7 & 8 Nov 2020

28 & 29 Nov 2020

19 & 20 Dec 2020

9 & 10 Jan 2021

6 & 7 Feb 2020

6 & 7 Mar 2021

27 & 28 Mar 2021

17 & 18 Apr 2021

10 – 16 May 2021 (Retreat in Dartmoor)

19 & 20 Jun 2021

24 & 25 Jul 2021

14 & 15 Aug 2021

28 & 29 Aug 2021

25 & 26 Sep 2021


Combine your new 300-hour and previous 200-hour training to apply for RYT500 status.

The course costs £3595. You get a discount of £300 if you pay in full before 1st September 2020.

A deposit of £595 secures your spot. You can clear the balance in 12 monthly payments of £250, collected September 2020 – August 2021 inclusive if you like.

Deposits and fees are not refundable if you don’t attend or complete the course for any reason.

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