2019: Your year, your Hot Yoga

We often start our New Year with great intentions and clear goals. The will is strong, and we get underway. Sometimes we smash it completely, and really make a positive change in our lives. Sometimes we don’t! Either way, it really helps to be really clear about what we’re trying to do – and why.

Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes often start with a few moments to set personal intentions. This is an important moment, because it provides space to revisit our goals, and to understand how today’s class plays a part in those goals. I often feel that will power gets depleted with running, with the gym, etc because there isn’t really a time and place to remember why we’re there.

Setting an intention is a very old Yoga practice, and it has some very powerful applications. It requires that we put a bit of thought into what’s behind our wants and desires, so that we can frame our intention properly and set realistic goals that move us in the right direction.

Many of the changes people want to make boil down to good health and a better self-image, when we take the time to think about them. Hot Yoga has a proven track record in both arenas. Here at Yogafurie, we’d like to invite you to find out more about the Yoga science of setting intentions, and how Hot Yoga helps you realise them. Click to read more about how to really unpack your New Years’ resolutions, and how to get yourself moving and achieving with Yogafurie Hot Yoga.

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Did you know…? We have a range of different temperatures in our classes, to suit a range of exercise temperaments! From Glow classes at 30ºC, through Freedom Flow and Dreamtime flow with Nidra at 35°C, to Classic, Fierce and Deep classes at 42°C, you’ll find something to suit your exercise goals every day.