Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga means “special placement” or “variation within parameters” in Sanskrit. It refers to Yoga with a strong focus on breath and linked with the body. In Vinyasa Yoga, breathing and moving are integrated. It feels like your breath leads your movement in fact. Vinyasa Yoga can also be called Vinyasa Flow. This emphasis the importance of a really full and even flow of breath and typically you’ll flow through postures as well, moving evenly and breathing evenly.

Vinyasa Yoga classes are an experience of breath moving with, and as, our bodies. Varied sequences that interlink postures with healthy breath help your body open and release through the Yoga practice. Continuous flow of breath  creates a sensation of moving meditation in Vinyasa classes. So you can look forward to a flow of Yoga that stretches, strengthens, and energises you from the inside out.