All About Yogafurie Hot Yoga

Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes are fun and dynamic. We heat the room to between 40-42 o C (depending on the season) and practice traditional, authentic Yoga. Why so warm? The science bit is below. In a nutshell, you move and breathe better when you’re warm. All the good benefits of Yoga happen more quickly in the warmth.

Sounds uncomfortable? Our state-of- the-art heating system constantly feeds in clean, fresh (warm!) air. The humidity is constant at 50% (same as the average home). It’s warm, but not stuffy and uncomfortable – more like being outside in a hot country.

The Yogafurie Hot Yoga style isn’t stuffy either! Skilled instructors read ability levels and challenge you with new and fresh sequences and Yoga poses all the time.. You’re free to ask questions during class.

How else is Yogafurie different? Some other hot styles, eg bikram Yoga, stick to a fixed sequence and use the same descriptions every time you practice. Yogafurie makes Hot Yoga accessible by including variety. Beginners aren’t left behind, and skilled Yoga practitioners can be worked harder!

The Science….

We know that blood carries air and nutrients around our bodies. But how does it get from the blood to all the tissues? There’s an “internal ocean” called ground substance. It’s a special liquid that can transport air and nourishment from blood vessels right throughout surrounding tissues. It’s thixotropic – like a lot of fluids, it’s less sticky when it’s warm and works better.

“…with disuse, the connective tissues become a little colder, less energized, and the
thixotropic reaction makes them gel more, become sluggish, lose their full, juicy
quality and their ability to soften, stretch, and flex.”

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Ground substance is polyanionic – it has a negative charge. This means it attracts water. It keeps skin hydrated and helps you look and feel great. It’s really important to drink lots of water for this reason, and to make sure you are getting electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals that help your body keep the negative charge where it’s needed – so water and electrolytes together with Hot Yoga are just so good for you, your health, and your state of


One of the biggest benefits of Yogafurie Hot Yoga is that you’ll learn to breathe like a Yogi very quickly – partly because your instructors guide you through movement and breath, and partly because heat requires a calm, regular and full breath. Good breath is often overlooked: it sounds obvious, but if we breathe badly then performance suffers.