Hot Yoga Essentials for Practitioners

Hot Yoga is great for your body and your mind. The science bit on that is below! So, ok, this is a powerful and helpful thing to do – but what if you want to do more than just get rude health? Or to put it another way, what if you want to be well and develop your Yoga practice, to become more proficient and skilled? The good news is that you can do both and excel in both.

Bodycare is really important. Hot Yoga invites change, and you can support these natural changes by managing your own healthcare. Hydration is a key consideration. Your body really is 70% water, and it needs to maintain a water balance. Electrolytes are minerals that help you adequately absorb water and retain it until it’s needed. Your skin works hard to regulate your body temperature – and that’s good, because your skin will have a healthy glow – so use natural products like coconut oil and natural soaps. You can get all the nourishment you need – including electrolytes – from really good food, but if you are sweating a lot or doing several Yogafurie Hot Yoga classes a week then electrolyte supplements can be very helpful. Multiple classes will accelerate your progress, but as with any practice, listen to your body and respond to its needs.

Good breath is the cornerstone of an effective Yoga practice. Your breath technique will develop quickly in Yogafurie, partly because your teachers will focus on it, and partly because working in the warmth needs a regular, full breath. Paying attention to your breath even while moving and working is the beginning of your mindfulness practice, and will lead you later into Yogic meditation.

When your body is well, and you’re breathing well, your mind will be clearer and you’ll have a better idea of what your goals in Yoga really are. Better execution of postures, and adapting your body to new and more challenging postures, are possible thanks to the (often rapid) progress people make in the warmth.

Learning new postures, and perfecting the ones you can already do, are both just means to an end. As our minds settle further, people often realise that the transition between postures is just as important as the postures. Every point in the movement chain is a posture. Every point is a chance to feel into this moment through what our bodies and minds are doing. The deeper meanings behind Yoga practice become clear. The value of each moment goes up and up, and we live fuller and more satisfying lives without really changing anything.