Thank you to everybody at Yogafurie, especially Ed, for making our weekends an enjoyable learning experience. I have left every weekend hungry to learn more and excited for the next teacher training weekend.

It has been so lovely to share this experience with all of the amazing ladies also on the course; Their support, and kind, positive nature has been incredibly humbling and I am so grateful to of made some really lovely friends!

Jodie Withyman
2016 Yogafurie Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

Thank you for everything you put into this course. I learnt such a lot and I also found such a lot in me. The experiences have changed me. Profoundly. I am more me than I have ever been, and I am so grateful for you and your part in that happening.

A 2016 Yogafurie Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee

I think I ended up asking a lot of philosophical questions I never encounter in 'normal' life. I'm not sure the point is to really completely answer all of the questions that come up along the way, but certainly I’ve enjoyed using my brain in a very different way. Talking about what's expected of yoga teachers and the theories from which Yoga is formed has been very challenging. I knew I had to keep an open mind as it's been around much longer than me and it draws on so many different people's experiences through history.

And I’ve realised just how much I actually expect my Yoga teachers to do (and not do) during a class. I can now also see that it's very hard to please every different expectation of what a class 'should' be.

The massive benefit of doing this teacher training is that I’ve become much more body and safety-aware in my own practice and in observing others.

Kate Samways
A 2016 Yogafurie Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee