Becoming a Yoga Teacher - Lifestyle and career development

If you decide to teach, then teaching can complement your current job. Other people find great satisfaction in ending their current career and re-launching their life as a Hot or regular Yoga teacher.

“It’s called freedom; the freedom to think and be what I really am, and the space to find out and welcome this.”
– From a Yogafurie teacher trainee

Teacher training courses can change people’s lives. The knowledge gained, the simple, profound truths of the ancient wisdom studied, and the shared effort of the group shift personal perspectives. This is often true regardless of whether the student goes on to teach or not. This empowers teachers to let their personality and values really shine through in everything they do. A rare level of authenticity is possible as a Yoga teacher.

Your practice will improve because you’ll begin to understand and feel the changes it brings. Many people reassess diet and exercise, and begin to nurture their body-mind as the vehicle of success rather than just forcing themselves to work hard. From this, you’ll develop an attention to detail that will support both you and your students on the Yoga journey. Your own steady progression on that journey will be a source of personal inspiration, and will give you the motivational skills to help your students meet practice challenges.

Teachers enjoy working around the social circle/culture that they enjoy. The work encourages body care – and feeling good every day is extremely important to everyone. Having a physical career really speaks to people and inspires others because there are clear health benefits staying fit for your job. You’ll have more direct control over your own work/life balance.

Your reputation will grow, and after a time you’ll feel ready to teach private clients, workshops and retreats. Often these activities generate much more income, whilst also building your personal profile as a professional Yoga teacher. Some people go on to open studio spaces, and of course some of these studios become national and even international brands.

By contrast, becoming a yoga teacher – for some – is a crucial step in spiritual development. It’s the opportunity to show others the change they’ve experienced, and nothing to do with image or income. Very few other occupations offer the chance to go so deep with oneself, and still earn a living.

If you’re looking for an occupation that supports and is complementary to your values and ideals, if you want more space to care for and express yourself, or if you simply want to be part of the continuous evolution that life offers – come and speak to us about our Hot Yoga Teacher Training course.