Stay safe

Your instructor will give lots of instructions that are aimed at keeping you safe. However – as with any movement practice – there is always a risk of injury. By coming to the hot yoga class, you acknowledge this and accept responsibility for any injuries you sustain.

It’s up to you to hold yourself back and rest whenever you feel that the practice is not suitable for you, to ask questions whenever you are unsure of the instruction, and to ask for modifications whenever you feel that your body needs them.

What to do

Just a few pointers to make the experience great for everyone…

  • Please arrive before the class starts – The door is locked when the class starts and not opened again until the end of the class, so apologies in advance if you are late and left unable to get in.
  • You need to have a towel to put over your mat – If you haven’t brought one then we can lend you one for just £1 per class. We use Yoga Bum towels as we like them. If you like them too, you can buy a brand new one at reception.
  • Wear something that’s comfortable in 42c heat – It’s extremely warm in there so light, loose clothing is advised. Here’s suggestions about what people usually wear, but it’s all about wearing what you’re comfortable with. Ladies usually wear a vest with shorts or leggings. Guys usually like to wear vest with shorts. Guys, please wear shorts with built-in brief, or wear briefs under your shorts.
  • Please bring water, or a container to put water in – Make sure that you keep hydrated in class. All of the water taps in the changing rooms dispense drinking water.
  • Yogafurie regularly machine washes all the mats – However, please use the eco cleaner provided to clean your mat and equipment after your class – just to help keep it hygienic for next time you use it!
  • All lost property is given to charity if unclaimed – If you think you have left something behind then please contact us! We have a lost property bin in reception, which we periodically empty.
  • It’s best not to use heat rub/heat gels before a class – some students who have used heat rub before a class have found their skin get an uncomfortable feeling with the heat sensation of the heat rub and the 42c heat

Registration and booking

Registering and booking your hot yoga class is easy and straightforward. You can sign up, buy a membership and book a class with ease:

Register as a Yogafurie Member Online

Hot Yoga Class Timetable We run 16 classes per week, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits within your schedule.

Hot Yoga Membership – We have great value hot yoga memberships, with everything from a single class to a no contract monthly membership. Find out more.


NETBANX By Optimal Payments

Please try to arrive 15 minutes before

Try to arrive 15 minutes before the class. This allows you time to find a mat and get settled before the class.

No students can join the hot yoga class once the class has already started. We appreciate that traffic and sudden delays can prevent you getting here on time. But in the interests of preventing injury, it’s vital to ensure that all students have a proper warm up before we attempt more challenging poses.

Can’t make it?

We’d like as many students to be able to make a class as possible.If you can’t attend a booked class for any reason then your space could be used by another student, and vice versa.

With that in mind, please cancel via the website before the start of the class if you can’t make it. You can cancel right up to the last minute.

There is a penalty in place for students who consistently book and do not show up. Yogafurie may suspend your online booking function for 2 weeks if you consistently book and do not attend classes.

This means that you’ll still be able to attend classes, but you won’t be able to reserve a space for that class online for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, you will be able to reserve your classes online again. There is no limit on the amount of times that Yogafurie is able to suspend online booking privileges.

If you have particular circumstances that make attendance really hard to predict then speak to Ed (in complete confidence of course) and we might be able to work something out for you.

Chill out time! If you are a monthly subscriber and are going away for 4 weeks or more, then you can ask us to freeze your monthly payment for a reduced fee of £15 per month. We need notice of at least 5 days before your payment is due. We will arrange a date for you to return to practice and for membership payments to restart.

Moving on

You can cancel your Yogafurie membership at any time. You forefeit any remaining class credit balance when you cancel. If you pay monthly, then please make sure you cancel by email to Don’t leave it any later, or you might still be charged

For all monthly recurring memberships, we ask for 1 month’s notice of cancellation. This membership needs to run for a minimum of one month before you can give notice to cancel this membership. Should you cancel in between payment dates, the subsequent payment will be the last one.

There are no refunds of any memberships paid but not used. Any membership fees that are not used by you cannot be refunded or held as credit.

Any membership fees whilst in the 1 month notice period that have been paid cannot be used can be held as credit for up to 6 months, if Yogafurie agrees in writing to you that we will hold is as credit.

If you have signed up for a rolling membership, and stop attending class but do not cancel or suspend, we cannot refund any payments made towards a membership that hasn’t been used. The cancellation and suspension process is outlined above.

Privacy and Your Data

Your personally identifiable information is kept secure. Only Yogafurie authorised employees, agents and contractors (all of whom will have agreed to keep it confidential), or law enforcement officers where a crime of some kind is suspected, have access to this information

You can opt out of marketing emails and newsletters (Yogafurie rarely sends them).

Yogafurie will never sell trade, rent, exchange or otherwise share your personal information with any other person, company or organisation.